Professional Consultant

Sue regularly shares her unique skills and expertise with leading professional organisations.

Police Forces.

Sue in her capacity as a consultant helps and designs specific programmes to meet the individual needs of working dogs and their handlers.          

Areas of expertise include:

  • apprehension of criminals
  • firearms
  • tracking skills
  • operational obedience and control
  • search dogs- drugs, explosives and cadavers.

Social Services.

Sue assesses the temperament of dogs for their suitability in the home environment and advises on health and safety issues within the community.

The Judicial System.

Sue is highly respected for her services in the role as an expert witness. She assesses and formulates reports for court proceedings under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Sue offers a trusted Veterinary referral centre for behaviour problems. She is a contributor to the Good Vet Guide.

The Pet Food Industry.

Sue works closely with Natural Instinct Petfood , a market leader. She is committed to promoting canine physical, mental and total well being believing nutrition plays an important role in achieving this. She recommends a natural diet which is essential in her holistic approach to responsible dog ownership.

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